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Containment Solutions is one of the most trusted names in long-term fluid storage handling from fuels to lubricants to water and waste water. Whatever your storage needs, we can handle that.

At NOV/CSI Fiber Glass Systems (FGS), we're leading the way when it comes to the quality and attention to detail that goes into our fiberglass tanks and pipe. That dedication to quality is one of the reasons we use an automated manufacturing process and proprietary software to ensure precise laminate thickness and composition for our products.

An enduring focus on quality is one of the pillars of our success, and we want you to better understand the ways we're making a difference in the fuel handling market. Go to www.nov.com/wethedoers and learn how we've optimized the manufacturing processes for our fiberglass tanks and pipe systems to deliver the product quality, consistency, and service you've come to trust.

If you're interested in additional information on our manufacturing process, please contact us!

About CSI:

Containment Solutions, Inc. was built on the success of fiberglass petroleum storage tanks and has since expanded our product line to include the handling of oils and lubricants, DEF, water, sanitary waste water, and alternative fuels and biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel, and now also have a robust and flexible line of above-ground steel UL-2085 and UL-142 tanks and systems for fuels and lubricants.

Containment Solutions pioneered a technology in 1964 to manufacture the first fiberglass petroleum storage tank. Originally our tanks were designed for the safe storage of petroleum and other combustible materials. In fact, our design work resulted in the UL 1316 standard which governs fiberglass tank manufacturing for petroleum tanks.

50 years and more than 300,000 tank installations later, we continue to improve upon those processes utilizing today's automation to develop new applications and products. Containment Solutions was built on the success of fiberglass petroleum storage tanks. However, we have expanded our product line to include the handling of lubrication oils, water, wastewater alternative biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel, even diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

Fluid storage today is more challenging and necessary than at any other time in history. Whatever your needs may be, our staff will work with you to determine the best possible solution.

Click Here for the "30 Year Corrosion-Concern Free" Powerpoint Presentation here

Below is a consolidation of various downloadable resources contained in different areas on the Containment Solutions website, mostly PDFs of standard tank drawings, installation instructions, warranties, etc. We at Eastern States hope you find this resource point to be useful. If you can't find what you're looking for here, contact us and we'll get you what you need.

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