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Click to read the CSI/NOV Petroleum Tank 30 Year Warranty and Piping 30 Year Warranty. Also see our Powerpoint Presentation here.

News & Announcements

Welcome JuiceBar Electric Vehicle Charging Stations!
Electric Vehicles are the future, and EV charging stations are the future. Charging stations will be installed in homes, restaurants, hotels, offices, — probably in the neighborhood of millions of future charging stations, and ESA is excited to represent this market space with JuiceBar, moving forward. The JuiceBar website is available at

NOV Red Thread™ IIA Riser Pipe Assemblies
With more than twice the thickness of standard Red Thread IIA 4 pipe, NOV's industry-first corrosion-resistant UL-971 fiberglass riser pipe is purpose-built for durability and long performance-life. Click here for NOV Riser Pipe Assembly Specs & Details and here for NOV Riser Pipe Assembly Guidelines

Welcome Hugh Smith!
ESA is proud to announce Hugh Smith as our new outside sales person handling DE, MD & VA. Hugh brings youth and excitement with an enthusiastic personality. Hugh's contact info is below and we are happy to have him on the ESA Team. Hugh can be reached at 240-772-2200.

Petroleum Containment, Inc. Joins the Family
ESA is excited about adding Petroleum Containment Inc. (PCI) to its list of products we represent. PCI is a well known manufacture of Fiberglass Dispenser Sumps, Fiberglass repair fittings and Retrofit Fiberglass Tank Sump Tops. PCI is located in Jacksonville Fla. and their website is, be sure to visit their site.

Performance Ink for PPE Supplies
To help in the fight against COVID-19, Performance Ink has Face Shields, Face Masks, Gloves, Transparent Barriers ("Sneeze Guards") and Health & Warning Graphics. Click here for a flyer and contact info.

Containment Solutions Helps You Combat Corrosion
Containment Solutions has added new FRP Manway Covers, Manway and Tank Wall Fittings to their line of accessories to address the issues created by ULSD, DEF and other products that can exhibit agressive corrosion activity.

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